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Aquanova - CINO Ginger Laundry Basket - 58L

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Upgrade your bathroom with this exclusive eye-catcher of a laundry basket by Aquanova.

Made of rattan, which is a plant variety that makes for a strong material. The plant grows very quickly which means its harvesting does not pose a risk to the rainforest.

Combined with the leather handles, this basket is a very sustainable product and one that you will keep for your lifetime.

It is durable and requires little maintenance; a moist cloth or a soft brush is all it takes to clean. And whether empty or full, this laundry basket always remains upright!

  • 100% Rattan, Leather Handles & Canvas Liner
  • Fully assembled 
  • Dimensions: 35cm width, 35cm deep and 60cm high
  • Made in Indonesia 


Who is Aquanova?
Complete an elegant bathroom space with our Aquanova collection. With a focus on passion, quality and creativity, Aquanova create a range of minimalistic bathroom accessories, from bath mats to soap dispensers. Producing timeless products since 1948, the company has developed a specialty in bathroom accessories.