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Aquanova - LONDON Egyptian Combed Cotton Chocolate Wash Mitt

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It is sometimes described as the best kind of cotton in the world, and you will never have come across it in the Aquanova product range before, but with the arrival of our new ‘London’ series of towels and bath mats made from Egyptian cotton, that is about to change.

Egyptian cotton is deliciously soft, extra strong and is extremely hard-wearing. It is a type of cotton whose extra-long fibres (virtually the longest in the world) and the high levels of purity set it apart from the rest. Besides all the other benefits, our luxurious London hand towels are also delightfully thick and silky with a beautiful sheen.

This is because weight of our luxury ‘London’ towels in Egyptian cotton is no less than 600 grams per square metre, making them particularly strong but not too heavy. As well as hand towels, the London series of towels includes guest towels, flannels and bath towels.

  • Product Dimensions:16cm x 22cm
  • Weight :0.2 kg
  • 100% Egyptian combed Cotton
  • One mitt only

Who is Aquanova?
Complete an elegant bathroom space with our Aquanova collection. With a focus on passion, quality and creativity, Aquanova create a range of minimalistic bathroom accessories, from bath mats to soap dispensers. Producing timeless products since 1948, the company has developed a specialty in bathroom accessories.