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La Corvette Marseille - Liquid Black Soap with Olive Oil Spray - 750ml

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Eco-friendly liquid black soap with olive oil spray is an excellent multi-purpose, ready-to-use cleaner for the home and garden.

The ecological black soap with olive oil spray is a ready-to-use product, it is sprayed directly on surfaces and does not require rinsing.


  • To clean and degrease the various washable surfaces of the house (work surface, sink, hood, etc.): spray the black soap directly on the surface and clean with a dry cloth. Does not require rinsing.
  • For the garden, as a repellent against aphids: spray the black soap directly on the plants, without forgetting the underside of the leaves. Avoid spraying under the sun and in hot weather.

  • Natural composition, certified by ECOCERT

    This product is ECODETERGENT certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the ECOCERT standard (available on, 99.6% of these ingredients are of natural origin.

    • 100% of vegetable origin, without solvent and without dye, it is a biodegradable product which respects the environment.
    • Made in France


    Ingredients: 95%: soap with olive oil. Also contains: water, sequestrant, perfume, glycerin, linseed oil.


    Who is La Corvette Marseille?

    Founded in Marseille, France in 1894, Savonnerie du Midi is one of the last historic soap factories in Marseille to perpetuate the recipe and know-how of traditional Marseille soap.

    Steeped in history, this factory is located at the bottom of the Carmes valley, in the Aygalades district in the 15th arrondissement of Marseille.