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PIP Studio - Soft Zellige Bathrobe Blue

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This long blue bathrobe with fine stripes is from the Soft Zellige collection. The sleeves are finished with pink and yellow piping and a jacquard pattern. The bathrobe has side pockets and a hood. The bathrobe should be washed before use according to the care label.
  • Product Dimensions:Hip Size; 117-122cm. Waist Size; 93-98cm. Leg Length; 100.5cm
  • Weight :0.5 kg
  • 100% Cotton, Terry Velour 400GSM

Who is Pip Studio?
Pip’s studio makes everyday products, especially things she can't find to her own liking. Her eye for detail, special finishes and layered designs ensure her products are guaranteed to bring a sparkle to everyday life. This design vision is articulated in Pip Studio’s motto: Happy products for happy people.

Pip always follows her heart and stays true to her intuition. She always raises the bar, uses the best materials and always aims for the best make. Her collections are always connected to one another, forming an intricate part of a wider universe. What's truly special is that Pip’s ethos conquers hearts and minds everywhere. Without knowing it, she hits a universal chord.