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Moroccan Cactus Silk Cushions

Cactus silk, otherwise known as Sabra Silk is loomed by hand, from fibres found in the Agave Cacti or Saharan Aloe Vera, which is a plant that can be found in the Sahara Desert. All Cushions are then hand embroidered by Berber woman in the Atlas Mountains.

Next to linen, Cactus Silk Cushions are the most on trend cushions in home decor at the present moment. Featuring in most magazines and used to style many homes by stylists, these works of art are one off pieces and will be in your family for years to come.

Please note that we have many other cushions that we do not put online as we sell them so quickly at local Sydney Markets. If you are looking for a particular colour, please email us at or please come visit us at the markets. Market dates are in the market date section on our website.