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    All of the bedding ranges that we carry is suited for Australian beds and accomodate for toppers. 


    Vintage Design Homewares & Country Maison

    Single fitted sheet: 93cm W x 188cm H + 40cm Deep
    Single flat sheet: 160cm W x 254cm H
    Single quilt cover: 210cm L x 140cm W

    Double fitted sheet: 137cm W x 188cm H + 40cm Deep
    Double flat sheet: 228cm W x 254cm H
    Double quilt cover: 210cm L x 180cm W

    Queen fitted sheet: 152cm W x 203cm L + 40cm Deep
    Queen flat sheet: 245cm W x 265cm L
    Queen quilt cover: 210cm L x 210cm W

    King fitted sheet: 183cm W x 203cm L + 40cm Deep
    King flat sheet: 260cm W x 265cm L
    King quilt cover: 210cm L x 245cm W

    Super King fitted sheet: 203cm W x 203cm H + 50 cm Deep
    Super king flat sheet: 300cm W x 295cm H
    Super King quilt cover: 240cm L x 270cm W

    Pillowcases: 48cm W x 73 cm


    DOUX 100% French Flax Linen

    Double Fitted Sheet: 203cm W x 137cm H + 45 cm Deep
    Double Flat Sheet: 230cm W x 260cm H
    Double Quilt Cover: 180cm x210cm + 5cm Flap Detail

    Queen Flat Sheet:  260cm x 275cm
    Queen Fitted Sheet: 152cm x 203cm + 45cm Deep
    Queen Quilt Cover: 210cm x210cm + 5cm

    King Flat Sheet: 260W x 275H cm
    King Fitted Sheet: 180W x 203H cm + 45 cm Deep
    King Quilt Cover: 240cm x210cm + 5cm Flap

    Super King Quilt Cover: 264cm x240cm + 5cm Flap Detail

    Sheet Set Pillowcases 48cm x 74cm + 16cm
    Quilt Cover Pillowcases 48cm x 74cm + 16cm with a 5cm Flap Detail