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Home Perfume Spray

Home Perfume Spray allows you to immediately perfume all the rooms in your home to create a personalised atmosphere. 

You can adjust its intensity: a simple pressure to create a discreet and light veil, or several sprays to the four corners of the room to instantly refresh the house by dissipating some bad smells.

The room fragrance, your signature in your interior.

A home fragrance is also a reflection of your personality: it combines with your furniture and the colours of your interior to create a unique atmosphere, which belongs only to you.
Woody and fruity fragrances that invite serenity in busy places like the kitchen and living room, or fresher and invigorating notes for a feeling of cleanliness in the bathroom, it's up to you to choose the right scent to personalise the atmosphere of each room.
Make sure to spray in the direction of the ceiling so that the scent occupies the space in a harmonious way.


A range of fragrances for a personalised atmosphere

The Plantes & Parfums home fragrance range is a complete selection of refined, complex and exclusive fragrances, designed with delicate ingredients and developed by master perfumers in Grasse.
Offering scents all different from each other, they allow you to choose the scented atmosphere that suits you, and to vary the pleasures according to the seasons and your mood.
To enchant your everyday life or please your friends with an elegant and original gift, let yourself be tempted by our room fragrances.