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Stonewashed 100% Cotton Velvet Comforter Bed Cover with Tassels

Sleep or lounge in luxury with our new Stonewashed 100% Cotton Velvet Comforter Bed Cover with Tassels.

Velvet is a closely woven fabric with a short, thick, plush pile and is very soft to touch. It is synonymous with softness and luxury, and used to be an extremely expensive fabric to make, and thus solely reserved for royalty and nobility. It originated in Baghdad around the eighth century.

Velvet cotton is very breathable, soft and warm. This comforter is a piece that you can use throughout all of the seasons as a bedcover and extra layer in winter or a super size lounge throw. 

Damansk design on the front with large tassels ends on each corner, creates an on-trend look for your living space or bedroom. 

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