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The story begins in Morocco and tells a beauty secret preserved by women ever since, and that they transmit to each other. They inspire gestures that contribute day after day to their beauty, wellbeing and happiness. Beauty has always been deeply linked with all moments of the daily life and the seasons of Nature. Each beauty gesture is a quest for harmony, sensuality and generosity.

Today, Argandia reinvents the rituals of natural and essential beauty. The specific and rare virtues of the Prickly Pear come in addition to the ones of Argan to broaden the range of benefits and well-being.

Each product is a gesture answering daily and universal promises of moisturising and permanent renewal of the skin to create a pleasure through soft textures and soft perfumes for the face and body. 

 Berber Woman Argan Nut Production


In respect to the generous Nature, Argan plantations are preserved according to the organic farming principles. To preserve the exceptional properties of the oils, the extraction and formulation follow specifications of the Organic and Fair cosmetic established by Cosmebio and Fair For Life.

As direct importer, Argandia is one of the very first structure to create an Argan Fair trade network certified in Morocco, so that the secrets and the know-how of these women, residing in the quality of these elixirs, be developed and that they could fairly benefit from their work and know-how.

ARGANDIA guarantees a gentle mechanical extraction, without the use of chemical solvent, for a unique Prickly pear oil, 100% pure and organic. Each Prickly pear contains in its pulp numerous little grains, extracted by hand by moroccan women.



ARGANDIA guarantees an impeccable quality at each step of the production of argan oil and Prickly pear oil:

  • Only fruits with the pulp are harvested in order to avoid preoxidation of the kernel caused by ingestion and rejection by goats.
  • Fruits are dried under the sun and this is done collectively by the families of the people harvesting.
  • Sorting the kernels is done manually
  • The extraction of oil is done by first cold pressing.
  • Not deodorised the cosmetic properties are
  • preserved.




    A commitment on the minimum % of ingredients:

    • 95% minimum of ingredients of natural origin on the total product
    • 95% minimum of organic ingredients on all plants
    • 10% minimum of organic ingredients on the total product


    Fair Trade:

    Our commitment in the respect of Human rights and protecting the Environment has led us to develop our Fair networks, certified, where resources are shared out fairly among all the players of the production chain.

    • Fair Trade controlled by the Fair For Life charter.


    • Product developed in the respect of Nature
    • No testing on animals ever!

    Eco Packaging:

    • All our packs are printed on a sustainable paper
    • All our components are recyclable


    Commitment to the Farmers in Morocco:

    Each year, Argandia is committed to pay the equivalent of 3% of the imported volumes. Thanks to this financial fund, we could settle various actions:

    • Creation of a canteen within the school, and supply of water and food
    • Planting 15,000 plants of Prickly Pear on an area of 100 hectares to stabilise the soil and for the development of
    • an economical project
    • Purchase of 5 000 olive trees for people to diversify the farming in Berber mountains
    • Setting up of an annual medical visit for the women
    • Giving women access to education and work
    • Financing the work for a water supply and public lighting in the village